Sunday, June 18, 2017

Revisiting #KimExposesTaylor Party- The Parties Involved- An Infographic!

#KimExposesTaylor Party is one of the controversial mainstays of 2016 pop culture era. A demure Taylor Swift who dissed Kanye during her Grammy speech was exposed as a wait-for-it         


by a vengeful Kim during summer of 2016! The circus brought in lot of media attention, funny memes, twitter reaction and Taylor's media retreat. A lot has happened since, Taylor has kept a deceivingly low profile, Kim and Kanye have a new kid, a kid's clothing line, and more. 

In honor of its anniversary (almost anniversary), let's take a look back at the party by reflecting on the parties involved in the fateful day!

PS: I have never created an inforgraphic in my life. Tried something new today! (PS- All artwork by me and I know Kanye looks more like Will Smith than Kanye!)

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