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I Let You Go- A Review

I Let You Go- A Review

I challenged myself two months ago to read a book every weekend. With all my might I opened the old cupboards filled with all the books I had bought and never read with cobwebs and lots of dust! I started my book reading hobby again with a book called Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger and oh my, was that a huge mistake! That has been the worst read. I mean, the insincerity with which the story is just randomly carelessly written is a whole other can of worms that I would like to open some other time!

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A swarm of funny chick lit books followed this. Last weekend, when I finished all the unread books in my cupboard, I set out to the book shop near my home. I had made a list of novels I wanted to buy. Bought 2 and while searching for more from the checklist, I found a book that looked a little old on the shelf. “If you fancy Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, this is the book for you”! Something like this was written on the back cover. I thought, why not! I seriously enjoyed reading Girl on the Train. Although, any thriller book you see today has the same line written all over, not all of them give you the same gratification which is promised.

I still felt I should take a chance and bought the novel, I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. And trust me, it was worth every penny I spent on it! There are two things that make this book a winner- the story and the way its written!

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*spoilers ahead*

Although the story is not extraordinary, it does drive your focus towards an important issue. That’s what makes it striking.  If it were written in a straight line, there would be nothing remarkable about this book. You could just pass it. The way the events unfold is astonishingly gripping! After some pages, you think the story is getting normal but then it hits you with a twist you did not expect! When I started reading the second part in the book, I was so stunned, I went back to the first few pages to see if I read it right or if the author had made a mistake. But nope! She hasn't made a mistake. She hasn't mislead you. Everything is right there written very clearly. You just missed the point!
The fact that Clare Mackintosh, the author is an ex-cop makes this fiction more credible (at least for me). With a first hand experience in solving crime, it makes you think she knows her stuff.

The way this book is written is commendable. I have read so many chick lit books (Way many!) and thrillers that just add a character or two to fill up that vacuum or to add a few pages and make that paperback thicker! But this has none of that nonsense! There is the main plot with 2 other small stories around. These stories add charm to the characters. Rather they tell you why the characters are what they are. It doesn’t make you think you are wasting time with each page.

So, all in all, this has been the best book I have ever read! There I said it! This is my favorite book.

I wish I could write a bit about the story but I don’t want to spoil it for anybody who might read this review. Hence, with this, I finish my write-up. I highly recommend this and if I were to follow some kind of star rating system, I would give it 5/5! Do read it. If you wanna borrow it from me, you know where to find me :)

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