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Best Tracks Covered On Glee

                 Glee is nearing its final season, here's a look back into some of the best songs the show has covered. I have to admit, I have watched the series only till the 4th season as further seasons were too painful to watch considering Finn was no more. Yep, just like how everyone stopped watching 8 Simple Rules after John Ritter's death. 

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           So, technically, this is a list of best tracks covered on Glee till season 4. Read on.

        This amazing mash-up cover features the extremely talented Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez with another fantastic artiste Amber Railey as Mercedes Jones and Heather Morris as Brittany Pierce. What's spectacular about this arrangement is the unexpected rush of "Someone Like You" in all it's glory inside the track "Rumor has it"! So, unexpectedly pleasant. I mean look at it this way, both tracks are beautiful in their own way, it's better not to touch them and let them be. Instead, you find the perfect way to bring them together to give way to a track that seems more soulful than the original pieces. That's Glee for you.
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 Hung Up (Madonna)

        Tina Cohen Chang, played by Jenna Ushkowitz was one of the most underutilized talents on Glee (at least until the seasons I watched). When you get a glimpse of this character in the pilot episode, you get a feeling that a character like this will be developed into a strong non-conformist persona. Given that she stuttered, sang "I kissed a girl" and dressed up like a goth princess, this character could have been shaped better. Unfortunately, like most of the other Glee characters, she was also mightily blindsided by Queen Rachel. Just when you thought, she was getting off the Glee club bandwagon, she surprised everyone with a gutsy rendition of "Hung Up" by Madonna. It was a real fun to watch as much as it was fun to hear this track on TV.

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        The Madonna tribute episode brought to the forefront some of the popular long forgotten songs of the diva; Express Yourself was one of them. It was a pleasure to watch all of the girls- Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn, Tina, Santana and Brittany dressed up like the legend, trying to match with her steps. Lea Michel's Rachel Berry would have shined in this song, if it weren't for Amber Riley's really annoying slow singing of all the lines! This, in my opinion, might have been to make her own voice heard more significantly than the others' or may be it was the plan from the beginning! I don't know. But surely, if you can really try to ignore Amber on this tune, it's supremely enjoyable.

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When I Get You Alone (Robin Thicke)

        I am aware that Blaine's most popular song on the show has been his entry track "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. I rather enjoy him sing guys' songs than girls'. Him driving on the other side of the road has nothing to do with it tbh. When I Get You Alone was an entertaining cover with the Warblers' trying to "accapella" A Fifth of Beethoven. It's cute to watch Blaine trying to woo the guy at the GAP store, while Kurt painfully joins him in this feat! Kurt's expressions on this tune are funny and adorable and you feel like, "Blaine cut it out already, Kurt's the one for you"!

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                                          Some of the other covers I thoroughly enjoyed on Glee are Crush ( Jennifer Paige) by Rachel, Endless Love (Diana Ross and Lionel Richie) by Rachel and Mr. Shue, You and I (Lady Gaga) by Mr Shue and Shelby (the talented Idina Menzel or "the very talented Ms Adele Dazeem" (in John Travolta's words!) before her "Let It Go" fame) 

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          Also, Hot For Teacher ( Van Halen) by Noah Puckerman, Papa Don't Preach (Madonna) By Quinn Fabray, The Boy is Mine (Brandy and Monica) by Rachel and Mercedes, Pretty Young Thing (Micheal Jackson) By Artie Abrams and Thriller/ Heads Will Roll Mash-Up by the whole gang (feat Santana and Artie).                                      
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