Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Greatest Female Singers of Recent Times

The 2014 Grammy Awards hailed Lorde (way too overrated imho) as the princess of music today. On that note, here is a list of female singers that have evoked millions of emotions in music fans worldwide with their beautiful voices, smart lyrics and quality music.

1. Beyonce: Queen Bey has held her own fort since her 'Destiny's Child' days. Even in a group, she stood out. From 'Independent Women' with the band to her recent worldwide smash hit 'Drunk in Love', this girl has come a long way. The fact that every single of hers has topped the charts proves that it will take a lot of talent for another girl to dethrone her. She, along with her media mogul husband Jay Z, is known for breaking barriers when it comes to marketing. For instance, for her recent eponymous album, there was literally no marketing! A surprise release on itunes garnered about 6 million downloads in a single day. Now that's what you call classic!

Some of her chart topping numbers: Crazy in Love, Run the World, Love on Top, Diva, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it), etc.

2. Taylor Swift: I know, there are too many legends who come a notch above Taylor Swift. However, I like the fact that this girl made it big very early. Her first international number one (for me, as here in India, we hadn't heard of her before this number) "Love Story" made a home in every girl's heart! With original lyrics, this star has given more and more number of super hits. The fact that she writes all her songs is another feather in her cap. Almost all the tracks on her recent album Red are popular throughout the world. With hits like We are never ever getting back together, Red, 22, Everything has changed and I knew you were trouble, she is way ahead of her contemporaries.

Many have passed cirticism on the fact that she writes songs about her ex's (which is, too many!). But hey, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"! I specially, like her revenge song about Camille Belle ("allegedly" its about her. Apparently, she stole one of the Jonas' from Taylor) "Better than Revenge"! Bow to ya, Taylor!

3. Katy Perry: What can you say about this crazy diva. She has spawned so many hits on so many charts one after the other! From Hot & Cold to ET to Roar, every song of hers has stayed on the top 10 for weeks together. The lyrics of her songs ranges from "baby you are a firework" (wonderfully written melody) to "I just wanna throw my phone away" (huh?!) and add to that, some crazy videos (Rebecca Black in TGIF!, Animals in Roar to name a few!)- voila! you have a superhit.

Roar, a grammy nominated song was earlier criticized as it sounded too much like Sarah Bareilles (another gifted singer of this century) but all that died down soon after just like Lady Gaga's Applause!

A very special mention: "who you love" with her beau John Mayer. Haven't seen a cuter video!

(PS: This list is incomplete as of now. More to come...)

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