Sunday, September 8, 2013

What was it again Dolly? Jolene or Jolie?!

Infidelity, thy name is Brad Pitt! Tiger Woods! Tony Parker and you name it! Hollywood has seen many "golden couples" separating in the last decade due to cheating scandals. Here are a few that made headlines.

1. Team Aniston: Yep, I am on Team Aniston. Can anyone ever forget the Aniston-Pitt-Jolie saga? A look back- Friends' sweetheart Jennifer Aniston was blissfully married to Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt. For years, they went on strong and came to be known as one of those "golden couples". Enter Angelina Jolie, the self proclaimed Mother Theresa with her big pouty lips (yep, I am being objective here, I just can't help it!), who stole Pitt away. Even though at first, everyone involved denied that this was why Pitt and Aniston went different ways, Jolie famously had a baby with Pitt in a few days to follow! Now , I wonder, did Dolly Parton sing "Jolene" or "Jolie"!

2. Woody Allen and that little girl from Hannah and her Sisters: This is one of the scariest stories I have heard in my life! Woody Allen, the popular "intellectual" filmmaker of all times, cheated on Mia Farrow with a really little girl. Soon Yi Previn, the girl in point, is one of the many children that Mia had adopted. Woody Allen was seeing the actress at the time and whoa!, he fell in love with Soon Yi, who in turn, ditched the beautiful lady who gave her a better life and married Allen. And what is weirder is that those two are still together looking like an old guy and his daughter!

3. Sandra Bullock and that guy: I like Sandra Bullock. I have watched most of her movies, from Miss Congeniality to Miss Congeniality Part II to All About Steve. What makes her more adorable is that she is one of the few actors who has accepted a Razzie. When she married this guy, Jesse James, I thought, "she could have done way better than that guy, come on, its Sandra Bullock". So I kinda felt happy when she divorced him. Although, I think his timing could have been better. 8 days (or so I have heard) after she won the Oscars' she found out about his cheating ways. Had she not married him, she could have enjoyed her Academy Award moment for longer!

4. Eva Longoria: Tony Parker: I watch Desperate Housewives, yep, even the re-runs. Gabriel Solis played by Eva Longoria is one of the lovable characters on the show. Although, Eva has never been nominated for an Emmy for DH, she was one of the most popular "housewives". When her professional career was going crazily well, she met Tony Parker, the basketball dude. She married him, it lasted a few years. Shame he cheated on her. To be honest, they looked cute together, appearing on all the red carpet an other high profile events. 

Some of the other popular celebrities who just couldn't stop themselves from sowing their wild oats include Tiger Woods (who would have thought!) , Madonna (who wouldn't have thought!), LeAnn Rimes (who I am particularly not fond of!) and Britney Spears (that was really sad!).. Do you have anyone to add?? ;)

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