Saturday, September 28, 2013

Everybody Loves Damon

This decade can easily be called the decade of the vampires, what with all the movies, music videos and TV shows based on them. For me, it all started with Twilight. I religiously read all the books and watched all the movies. Now that I think of it, the whole series kinda didn’t make sense! Just like the hit show The Vampire Diaries. There are so many flaws in the story that its difficult to pinpoint one. What I really don’t get about this show is, exactly, why does everyone love Damon?

1. Alaric Saltzman- Damon sleeps with Alaric’s wife, and then turns her into a vampire. It doesn’t just end here, Damon kills Ric (but if course, Ric has the ring and comes back to life). You would think Alaric would want to hunt Damon down and stab him repeatedly with one of those wooden weapons he has. I mean, he is a “Vampire Hunter” for god’s sakes. But no, he is Damon’s best friend who helps him out of almost all kinds of situations. What’s more, Dalaric is TV’s most recent bromance (until Ric is finally dead that is)!

2. Mason Lockwood- Mason Lockwood was the most pathetic character on TVD, except for Caroline. Mason is the first werewolf to appear in Mystic Falls in like a 100 years. The poor guy meant no harm to anyone, not even the vampires and he made it pretty clear, by locking himself in the woods during full moon and by telling that out loud to the Salvatore brothers. But Damon being Damon kills him anyways. (to protect poor dumb Bella. Ahem! Sorry, Elena). What happens next? Mason comes back as a ghost only to help out Damon!

3. Elena Gilbert- She is the Bella of TVD- dumb, dumb and dumb. She wants to protect everyone she knows and so she does all kinds of stupid things. Damon causes damage to literally everyone she knows, like Bonnie, Jeremy, Ric, Vicky, Caroline and the list goes on. What does he get in return? Elena’s love! He didn't even have to fight Stephan that much for it.

4. That stupid news reporter chick- In between the show’s many dumb characters, a news reporter chick stands out as being the dumbest. She is good looking, has a good career but still somehow, ends up becoming Damons’ girlfriend. He drinks her blood like coffee and she is ok with it (no, she is not “compelled”).

Well, this is the most irritating stuff on TVD for me. If I find time, I will make a really long list and update it soon some day (yawn). Do you want to name  a few and help me out to make it? J

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