Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Typical Sitcom

Ingredients you want to make an ice cream: ice, flavor, sugar and others based on the kinda ice cream you are making. You might wonder why you are seeing stuff about food on a TV Show blog. Well I think, food and sitcoms are the same, in that, you have some “ingredients” to make each of them work.
Here is a list of “must-haves” to make an American sitcom!

1.      A Womanizer

 Joey Tribbiani (Friends "how you doin'?"), Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), Charlie Harper (Two And A Half Men), Howard Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory, that is, before he met Bernadette) and how many more can you name?! These guys live for women, for making sleazy jokes and for adding that “extra spice” (“if you know what I mean”! :P). 

     If you find a sitcom without a womanizer today, I m sure it is one of those unwatched pilots or a show with real bad rating. This particular ingredient is something that writers today don’t want to let go off! Who is your favorite by the way?

   2. A Gay Wife

       When I watched the pilot episode of Friends, I felt so bad for Ross. His wife, Carol is gay! I thought, “wow, now that’s new”! Then I saw the pilot of Two and a Half Men and felt not so bad for Alan. Dude, his wife’s gay too?! Now come on, some creativity people! 

     When watching a show, I don’t wanna go back and think, “oh, ok this happened to DJ Tanner” or “oh ok, Lily and Marshall are married by Barney just like Monica and Chandler were married by Joey”! 

  3.   A Neat freak

 The first time I found a neat freak on a TV show was when I watched Danny Tanner on Fullhouse. One bit that he does got stuck in my mind. He was cleaning a vaccuum cleaner with another vaccuum cleaner! I thought, “oh poor guy, he has a bad bout of OCD”. Then one day I am watching FRIENDS, and yeah, Monica does it too! Well I have to say this, I think Mon has it worse than Danny. One of those days, she loses it so bad, she goes to clean the apartment of a “dirty girl” that Ross dated. 


 4. A Loving Uncle

Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey (Full House) , Uncle Mitchell, Uncle Cam (Modern Family), Uncle Charlie (Two and a Half Men) and the list goes on! My favorite uncle though is Uncle Jesse! On a bad day, watch him with Mitchelle and I am sure somehow, you will feel better. 

 5. Bromance

This is one “ingredient” that has become really common on TV these days. I think the best bromance award should go to Uncle Jesse and Joey from Fullhouse because I think, they kinda laid a foundation! :P Other bros include Barney (who has written a Brocode just in case you need to know the rules of Bromance), Ted and Marshall from HIMYM, the foursome from Big Bang Theory (Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj), not to forget Esposito and Ryan from Castle. May the bromance last forever!

     If you wanna add more "common ingredients", you are welcome to. Keep reading. J Happy day! 

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