Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Most Annoying Characters On TV

There are so many TV shows and so many types of characters! Some are adorable, some silly, some crazy and some plain annoying! So annoying that you wish they would write them off the show already! Here is my personal list of the most irritating characters.

1. Susan Mayer- Desperate Housewives

Susan Mayer is one of those regular housewives with lots of secret on Desperate Housewives. She has divorced her handsome husband Karl, has a daughter Julie and is looking for love in Mike (during the first few seasons that is!). What is so annoying about her you ask. Well, this character just doesn't seem to understand that the people around her have feelings too! She is in no way an ideal mom! Its Julie who takes care of her. She brings in her own "drama" into her life because her life is not as intriguing and mysterious like that of the other housewives on Wisteria Lane. You watch the show and at some or the other point, you wanna say, "come on Susan, you got it all! Quit whining already!"

2. Rachel Berry- Glee

I know, I know, she is the talented underdog who has achieved her dreams of going to NYADA and all that! Rachel Berry is apparently one of the "cult characters" on TV. That means she is just as loved as Uncle Jessy (Full House). What has made her a cult figure is the fact that she chased ahead of her dreams and got a life she always wanted. She ran ahead of Quinn, Santana and the other girls who are more popular than her in school. Now she has a life while the others like Mercedes (equally talented, gotta say), Quinn, Santana have no life and so, keep going back to school! So, what is so annoying about Rachel? Its not the hunger to become something big, its what mean things she did to put down the competition at Mckinley High! For one thing, she sent the poor new comer, Sunshine to a crack house!

3. Ellis- Smash

This list can definitely not be complete without Ellis on Smash. I wanna know what’s up with that guy! He is poking his nose into everyone’s affairs in all ways possible. It’s kinda hard to understand why this character was seen in Smash (the whole season 1). Sometimes, I just felt like getting out the couch and slapping that guy real hard. I mean, really, was it just another side character needed to fill up some time or did he really have a meaningful part. Thankfully, he wasn’t seen in the second season first episode (yawn, 2 hrs long!). 

4. Jenny Humphrey- Gossip Girl

I recently started watching Gossip Girl and oh my gawd, most of the characters are extremely irksome. From Rufus to Blair, everyone lives in a fantasy world of their own. "Little J" is a character that's gutsy and annoying at the same time! I am in the middle of the second season where she quits work with Eleanor to start something of her own with her model friend. Only if we were all like Jenny! But this girl doesn't have to hurt people around her all the time. And what more, she wants to take on all the popular kids at Constance Billard, so wannabe! *rollin-me-eyes*. Whether she has enough "resources" to do what she wants or not, she goes ahead anyway. This is tiresome because come on, Little J, get some resources first! Don't be in a rush always! Ugh!


5. Serena Van Der Woodsen- Gossip Girl

Yes, one more Gossip Girl character added to this list! I hate Serena because, she, like Susan Mayer from DH, has nothing to complain about. And yet you see her making a big deal out of everything! She is rich, has a caring family, a decent boyfriend (Seems like Dan is pretty much the only character along side Nate, who is sane on this show), a ticket to Yale, too many guys swooning over her and yet, there she is, cribbing about the entirety that is her life! Ah! the problems of the privileged! *rollin-me-eyes-again* And Blake Lively's annoying pout makes it even harder to watch this character. 


I find these characters to be the most irritating. If you have any more to add, do let me know. I will also update as you can never have enough annoying people on shows.

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