Saturday, August 25, 2012

TV Shows And Unique Promotions!!!

Yep, I said it! We have lotsa things to learn from TV shows! Being an MBA where every little thing is a part of your “case study”, I draw “inspiration” from TV too! Shows today have gone their own creative ways to make sure that they stay on in audience’s mind. Here is a glimpse of some of them that I really found innovative.

1.  Barney’s Blog- How  I Met Your Mother

Usually, when a show has multiple plots in one episode, you can be sure that an audience’s interest is lost within minutes. But, How I Met Your Mother’s gripping storyline of each episode makes sure that we are hooked to it till the end. By gripping, I don’t mean it’s out of the world, I mean it’s just way too fun. One of the “interesting” things about it is Barney’s Blog, where the legendary Mr Stinson has advices to give and stories to tell us. Some of the posts on this blog are more hilarious than the stuff that Barney says out loud on the sitcom. “True story” that!

I think that this is one of the best ways that a sitcom has promoted itself. I don’t find any harm in saying that HIMYM has gained a cult status partly because of this blog.

2. Derek Storm Books- Castle

Another of my favourite TV series! Besides Nathon Fillion’s mischievously charming Castle and the pretty decent storylines, Castle’s books are another part that has attracted TV geeks around the world. Well, for me at least! To think of it, his books are what begin the show (Flowers for Her Grave). These books are marketed online. Even the new Nicky Heat series are made available online (annoyingly long chapter by chapter release!). Written by a ghost writer, they are released under the author name ‘Richard Castle’.

Now there is also a graphic Derek Storm novel released by abc with Marvel Comics. Seriously, what a way to keep your audience captivated!

3 The Bro Code- How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson does have a way to make others believe that whatever he says is somewhere codified in history! Take, for instance, The Bro Code written by the great Barnabus Stinson. Here, there are several set of “rules” that “bros” are supposed to adhere to and follow in order for their relationship as “bros” to be intact! You can call it “morality”, “religion” or simply, “the bro code”. There are different sections in the official website, like, ‘what is the bro code’, ‘brocabulary’, ‘origin’, the code itself and ‘violations’. Check out the last section for some real funny stuff. What amazes me is the creativity of the guy who came up with this. Think of the genius who wrote so many codes and made sure that each of them was hilarious and interesting. If you visit the site, you will not close it unless you finish reading all the codes and the violations. Genius!

Well, for now, this is my small list. I will keep updating it whenever I find another marketing genius at work. Hope you enjoyed reading J . Ciao for now..

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