Friday, July 27, 2012

TV’s Many Moments

There are so many moments on TV shows that can make you go from “aww” to “eww”! Here is a list of my personal favourite bits from some of the most hilarious sitcoms and dramas.

The Big Bang Theory is always first on my list! This show is different from the other “few close friends in a big city” sitcoms. One of the moments on this show that made everyone go “whoa, Sheldon!” to “Aww, Sheldonnn!” was the one where he hugs Penny. When I watched the episode, for a moment, I felt “is this guy pulling another Bazinga?”! Because that was totally unexpected from a colossally sarcastic character! It makes you think that this guy who is “one lab accident away from being a supervillain” has some human real feelings.

This is one category where you can name quite a few bits. But one of those that really made me feel “dude, you didn’t just say that!” was a bit from the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s from the episode where Joey tells Ross about his feelings for Rachel. Distraught by the revelation that Ross reacts strongly to that. Monica visits him later to tell him that Joey wants to move to Vermont so that Ross feels better. That’s when Ross says, "Joey and Rachel? I mean, it's like you and me going out, only weirder!" I went “ewwww, so inappropriate”! as soon as I heard him say that.

I enjoy watching Castle. Though I am not a big fan of Stana Katic, I do like Nathon Fillion and his cute “Ric Castle” portrayal. The season 4 finale was worth every second of my time. For three seasons, there was not even a moment that came close to “Oh, Ok something’s gonna happen between Castle and Beckett now”! And then, after what seemed like an eternity when this couple could express feelings towards each other, Beckett says “you” to Castle’s, “what do you want?” question.

Seinfeld is a show that has TV’s some of the most absurd moments. You have to give credit to the writers for introducing unbelievable (quite literally) characters like George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer and Elaine Benes! The things they do makes you think that whatever happened in the finale was fair. Its really difficult to pick a moment from this crazy show as the most “inconsistent with logic” moment. But if I had to pick one, it would be the bit when Susan passes away. You take a look at the reactions of each of the characters and you would be like “Really?”!

5.The “Hahaha” Moment:

Two and a Half Men has a lot of sexist jokes thrown here and there in every episode. But there are some "laughworthy" moments. One of the scenes that really made me crack up was when Judith comes to drop Alan and tells him that she is getting married to Herb (Tall and weird). You would think, Alan being Alan would break down and cry about it. But as soon as Judith leaves, Charlie sings “five six seven eight” and Alan starts dancing and singing “no more alimony, no more alimony”! :D Could he BE any funnier?!

Well, these are a few bits that I felt worthy of mention.. Hope you enjoyed reading.. :)

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