Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 Movie Scenes That Can Scare The Hell Out Of Anyone!

Here are scenes from some movies that have made me throw my ear phones and run for life!

1.      MullholandDrive

In an era where all kinds of movies are snubbed by critics, this movie is an exception. Whether you understand the plot or not, there are two or three scenes in Mullholand Drive that can make you scream out of fear. The movie is not into horror genre, mind you but one of the shots can bring out more horror than an average scary movie. The scene where a man sees the “controlling figure” peeping from the back of a small building near the diner can scare you like no other. What is interesting about this shot is that the figure that comes out does not come out at once and pounce on the man like in other horror films! It slowly shows itself, smiles at him and gets back to hiding! There are no screams, no loud noise, no blinding lights! David Lynch sure has done a praiseworthy job there! 


Another Naomi Watts thriller here on my list. When you think of a horror movie, all you can think of is some weird figures torturing humans, drinking their blood or worse, make funny noises. This movie is unique in that it has a gripping story. It shows that you don’t need ghosts walking all around to scare people. The scariest scene from this movie is obviously, the girl coming out of the well. But what really frightened me is the woman who looks into a round mirror in the “deadly video”. There is a mystery about her that brings in a sense of terror. One piece of advice though if you haven’t watched the sequel to this movie, don’t bother now. Overdose of the “well girl” in The Ring 2 can make you forget about the wonder that is the first one.

The movie adapted from the novel of the same name by William Blattey has been famous for giving nightmares to thousands over the years. Religious sentiments were hurt when the movie was released but somehow it is now recognised for the terror it evoked in moviegoers. It has gained a cult status since the 70s. One scene in The Exorcist that still gives me the chills is the one where the possessed girl comes down the stairs in the weirdest way possible! She “walks” down upturned on her hands and feet. God, I haven’t been able to forget that one shot!


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