Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There are a lot of things that irritate me, in general! but there is one thing that really bugs me and gets on my nerves! when people ask, "are you gonna marry twins?" with some kinda innocent puppy eyes that really mean "are you gonna be the joke of the town, for that matter, joke of the century by marrying twins?"! (assuming people who don't know me read this blog, i am a twin!) no people, we are not gonna! i know a lot of gross stuff goes through people's minds when they ask this!
One day my great daddy thought it was a great idea, the whole twins marrying twins thing and announced this at home recently. and i told him, "dude, if you r gonna get us married to twins, make sure one of them is a doctor in Rome because i am only gonna marry a Roman Doctor"!  while i have bought some time, my dad sure is in a fix! :P and i gotta say, it really is my dream, a Roman Doctor! because doctors care for people and Rome is an awesome place to be in.. :)

i also considered seeing a Pilot once. i really love it when pilots say, "good morning i am your captain.. blah blah.."! the word "captain" makes them sound so powerful! but one of my friends said (with all due respect to all the pilots in the world, you won't like what's coming next (assuming a pilot will read my blog SOME DAY!)), "you know a pilot can't be with you all the time. he s gottu fly. so you know, one day he is flying, he finds a pretty girl and ahem, starts an affair with her, without your knowledge"! and i thought, "ugh!"

while we are on powerful men, i wouldn't leave out the President of United States too, everybody has a fair chance :P ! (no, not the current one people, the one made for me, for the future, that is ;))!

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