Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"evolution of man"

I sometimes wonder why we evolved! Yeah! I mean think about all the stuff that we could do if we hadn’t evolved and become a “civilized society”!
1.       You could ignore whoever you want without having to think about the “social etiquette” of saying a “hi”.
2.       You could say out loud what you think of people around you.

1.       You could eat anything up, the way you want. Like- eat noodles with your hands, no usage of spoons, make silly noises while chewing! (not that i like it :D), etc
1.       Pet a dinosaur!
2.       Swing around on trees

1.       “yohoo” like tarzan on trees when you are happy!
2.       Wear whatever you like whenever you want!
1.       You could get a “job” of a “hunter”/ “a butcher”/ “a tree cutter”, etc!
2.       Many other “uncivilised” stuff!

On the other hand,
1.       You could get beaten up and not complain to a “judiciary system” as there is no “law and order”!
2.       You couldn’t get a “decent” job! ;)
3.       You couldn’t have cool automobiles to carry you around except a donkey/ another unfortunate animal!
Well right now, all i can think of are these stuff, will post when i get more thoughts as i don’t have any other “work” to do! 
(and BTW, all "art work" done by me! all rights reserved on those! thank you :) )

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