Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the laila story!

well, my very first post on my very first blog would be about Eric Clapton's song "laila"! i am always intrigued by love, i have tried to find what it is. and i have to say, i have been unsuccessful.

when i read about the harrison- pattie- clapton triangle, i thought, "okhay, here's case study on love"! To explain in a line or two, it's about how George Harrison, one of the Beatles, fell in love with Pattie Boyd, the model- actress. and then how, Eric Clapton, George's friend fell for Boyd, wrote the song "laila" to woo her (that's what she says!),  when turned down by her got into drugs and went on a 3 year hiatus! and then how Harrison left Boyd and Boyd married Clapton, eventually to divorce and have a life with someone else!

I mean, Eric Clapton took up drugs, almost gave up a wonderful career for this woman and finally when she became his, he went to someone else?! :O well, i read Pattie Boyd's column on the whole thing and thought, wow, what a "Case study"! it further confused me than giving me a "solution"..

But i did learn that life is unpredictable! i mean, i have always known it, but this reaffirmed it. all you do is experience stuff, learn from them and move on...

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